About us

Blockzeit was established in 2021 and is one of the leading crypto news platforms in Switzerland and the German speaking countries. 

Our mission is to deliver expert-driven, accurate, and timely information on blockchain, crypto and emerging fintech trends. We focus on educating our audience, as well as providing indispensable, unbiased insights, and tools, especially for those new to this dynamic sector.

Our team consists of industry experts who provide in-depth analytics, thoughtful opinion pieces, and comprehensive market updates. 

With our commitment to quality and educational outreach we are consistently working on promoting a wider adoption and understanding of blockchain technology.

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Meet Our Team

We are fortunate to collaborate with some of the leading experts in blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency from around the world. Our fully remote team operates across eight different countries, including Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Kenya. 

Business Development

Stephanie Niggli

Stephanie Niggli​


Pascal Niggli​

Co-Founder & CEO

Bruna Friggi

Bruna Friggi


Dennis Holschbach

Dennis Holschbach

German Translator/Editor


Vincent Munene


Giancarlo Perlas


Walter Anyigor



Guest Authors

Georg Lanzinger

Guest Author

Swiss Web3 Expert

David Furrer Guest Author

David Furrer

Guest Author

Swiss NFT Expert

Fabiola Luna Huerta

Fabiola Luna Huerta​

Guest Author

Contributor from CV Labs

Covering Blockchain Events in Switzerland

Maximilian Schmidt

Guest Author

CEO at CPI Technologies

Blockchain, FinTech, AI, Tokenization & DeFi Expert